1 or 2 Rooms Downstairs

3 Rooms Downstairs - Example System

This property has a front door, a back door from the open plan kitchen diner and the lounge has doors to the rear. The toilet and hall are windowless.

You would place a PIR in Kitchen Diner (as this also covers the back door access), PIR in lounge and door contact on front door.

For enhanced security add a door contact to the kitchen back door and doors in the lounge. Also if an upstairs window is easily accessible from a flat roof for example, order an additional PIR to be placed on the landing. 

You can order this kit below.....

2 Room Home Alarm Kit

2 Room Home Alarm Kit

Ideal for homes with 1 or 2 main rooms downstairs.Kit includes:1 x Control Panel1 x Door / window co..

£394.15 Ex Tax: £328.46

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