4 Rooms Downstairs

4 Rooms Downstairs - Example System

This property has a front foor, back door into a utility room and rear doors from the open plan breakfast kitchen and the lounge.  The dining room and office at the front of the property has a window, but the toilet and hall are windowless.

PIR in Kitchen, PIR in Lounge, PIR in Dining Room, PIR in the Office and door contact on front and back door. 

If an upstairs window is easily accessible from a flat roof for example, place PIR on the landing. 

Note on this property, we have a door contact on the back door to the utility as it does not open directly into a room with a PIR.

You can order this kit below.....

4 Room Home Alarm Kit

4 Room Home Alarm Kit

Ideal for homes with 3 main rooms downstairs.Kit includes:1 x Control Panel2 x Door / window contact..

£570.96 Ex Tax: £475.80

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